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Visions of Heat (Psy-Changeling #2)
Author: Nalini Singh

Clinical insanity.

The number one cause of death for F-Psy before Silence.

Death by insanity? For the F-Psy, it was very much a harsh reality. They became lost in the visions of the

future their minds created—so lost that they forgot to eat, forgot to drink, and, in extreme cases, forgot

to make their hearts beat. The Psy are their minds, and once those minds are lost, their bodies can no

longer function.

But the dead were the fortunate ones. Those who broke under the pressure of the visions and yet

survived were no longer sentient, no longer anything close to sentient, their minds locked in a world

where the past, present, and future clashed and splintered over and over. As time fractured, so did they.

Surprisingly, the F-Psy were divided about the implementation of the Silence Protocol.

Some thought it

would be a precious gift to feel no emotion, for then they'd be safe from the threat of insanity, safe from

the hideous illusions of their minds ... safe. But there were others who saw Silence as an act of betrayal

against their very gifts. The F-Psy had stopped countless massacres, saved countless lives, done endless

good, but they had done it all with emotion. Without emotion, their abilities would be controllable, but


It took ten years, but the proponents of Silence won the mental battle raged across the millions of minds

in the PsyNet. As a result, the F-Psy stopped foreseeing the human darkness of the future and withdrew

into the sheltered walls of the business world. Instead of the saviors of innocents, they became the most

powerful tools of many a Psy enterprise. The Psy Council declared their services too valuable to share

with the other races and gradually, the F-Psy disappeared from public view.

It is said they prefer to remain out of the limelight.

What very few know, what the Council has hidden for over a century, is that though they are wealthy

and cosseted, the once-resilient F-Psy have become the most fragile of beings.

Something about their

ability to foresee the tangled threads of what could be leaves them unable to function fully in the real

world, necessitating constant surveillance and care.

The F-Psy rarely travel, rarely mingle, rarely function on any level aside from the mental. Some of them

are close to mute, able to communicate their visions and only their visions, by scattered bursts of sound

or, in severe cases, through diagram and gesture. The rest of the time, they remain locked in their Silent



Yet the Council says this is what they were meant to be.




Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, processtext/abclit.html Faith Ngihtstar of the PsyClan NightStar was aware she was considered the most powerful F-Psy of her

generation. At only twenty-four years of age, she'd already made more money than most Psy did in their

entire lifetimes. But then again, she'd been working since she was three years old, since she'd found her

voice. It had taken her longer than most children, but that was to be expected—she was a cardinal F-Psy

of extraordinary ability.

It would have surprised no one if she'd never spoken.

That was why the F-Psy belonged to PsyClans, which took care of everything the foreseers couldn't,

from investing their millions to checking their medical status to ensuring they didn't starve. The F-Psy

weren't very good at practical things like that. They forgot. Even after more than a century of forecasting

business trends rather than murders and accidents, disasters and wars, they forgot.

Faith had been forgetting a lot of things lately. For example, she'd forgotten to eat three days in a row.

That was when NightStar employees had intervened, alerted by the sophisticated Tec 3

computer that

ran the house. Three days was the allowable window – sometimes F-Psy went into trances. If that had

been the case, they would've put her on a drip and left her to it. "Thank you," she said, directing her

words to the head M-Psy. "I'll be fine now.”

Xi Yun nodded. "Finish the entire meal. It contains the exact number of calories you need.”

"Of course." She watched him leave, preceded by his staff. In his hand was a small medical kit that

she knew contained both chemicals designed to shock her awake out of a catatonic trance and ones to

knock her down from a manic state. Neither had been required today. She'd simply forgotten to eat.

After consuming the nutritional bars and energy drinks he'd left behind, she sat down in the large reclining

chair where she usually spent the majority of her time. Designed to double as a bed, it was uplinked to

the Tec 3 and fed it a constant stream of data about her vital functions. An M-Psy stood on alert should

she need medical attention any time of day or night. That wasn't normal procedure even for the F

designation, but Faith was no ordinary F-Psy.

She was the best.

Every prediction Faith ever made, if not purposefully circumvented, came true. That was why she was


worth untold millions. Possibly even billions. NightStar considered her its most prized asset. Like any

asset, she was kept in the best condition for optimum functionality. And like any asset, should she prove

defective, she'd be overhauled and used for parts.

Faith's eyes blinked open at that furtive thought. She stared up at the pale green of the ceiling and fought

to bring her heart rate down. If she didn't, the M-Psy might decide to pay her a return visit and she didn't

want anyone to see her right now. She wasn't sure what her eyes would reveal.

Sometimes, even the

night-sky eyes of a cardinal Psy told secrets that were better kept within.

"Parts," she whispered out loud. Her statement was being recorded, of course. The F-Psy occasionally

made predictions during trance states. No one wanted to miss a word. Perhaps that was why those of

her designation preferred to keep their silence when they could.

Used for parts.

It seemed an illogical statement, but the more she thought about it, the more she realized that once again

Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, processtext/abclit.html her abilities had told her of a future she could never have imagined. Most defective Psy were

rehabilitated, their minds swept clean by a psychic brainwipe that left them functioning on the level of

menial laborers, but not the F-Psy. They were too rare, too valuable, too unique.

If she went insane beyond acceptable levels, the levels where she could still make predictions, the

M-Psy would see to it that she met with an accident that left her brain unharmed. And then they'd use

that flawed brain for scientific experimentation, subject it to analysis. Everyone wanted to know what

made the F-Psy tick. Of all the Psy designations, they were the least explored, the most shadowed—it

was difficult to find experimental subjects when their occurrence in the population was barely above one


Faith dug her hands into the thick red fabric of the chair, hyperaware of her breath beginning to grow

jagged. The reaction hadn't yet proceeded to a point where M-Psy intervention would be deemed

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